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My name is Zoe, I am a professional Homeopath based in Brighton, UK.  I work with adults and children both online, and in person (with those based locally).  I am fully insured and registered with the professional body - Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH).

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative (and complementary) form of medicine, for those who want to use less pharmaceutical medication.  It is natural and gentle by nature, and usually given in (small sugar) pill form.  It can be used to treat physical or emotional ailments, both chronic (long term) or acute (short lived eg fevers or first aid situations).

It is one of the most holistic and complete forms of healing there is, as it seeks to resolve the root of health problems, rather than suppressing symptoms.

As a homeopath, we do not need a diagnosis to prescribe, we simply match the best remedy to the individual, and their situation.  Thus, three people with seeking Homeopathic treatment for IBS (for example), may all be given a different remedies.

The application of Homeopathy is vast, it can be used to treat almost any symptom, be it physical or emotional.

Why I love Homeopathy...

Homeopathy can be used to not only to improve overall health when treating any one symptom, but with its holistic philosophy and completely different way to view health, compared to modern medicine, it can be used to...

  • help people consider more proactive approaches to maintaining their health, rather than just reacting when symptoms develop, which we have got very used to doing;
  • inspire people to take active responsibility for their health;
  • promote the use of natural forms of medicine;
  • empower parents to take more of an active role in treating their children's (acute) health needs, using Homeopathy and/or natural remedies.

The time is Now!

The world is changing, conventional medicine resources are depleting, it's a good time to explore new forms of health care for yourself and loved ones.

Zoe Scanlan Homeopath UK

“ Zoe Scanlan was brilliant with my child, and has super, lovely, supportive energy!"

"I can’t begin to thank Zoe enough for sharing her wealth of knowledge and time. I feel so much more empowered to support my family with homeopathy and natural remedies.”



Hove, UK

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Symptoms can be seen as simply messages from our body indicating action is required to re-balance.  As a practitioner, it is always easier to see what is needed in another, and Homeopathy is well placed to find and address the root cause, in a gentle, yet complete manner. 

I work in person or online - with people all over the world.  Please feel to book an appointment or a free introductory call today, if you'd like to know about how Homeopathy could help you. 

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Join a Course...

I offer a series of six short (pre-recorded) courses for those interested in learning about homeopathy, and the basics for using to treat yourself, and for those with children (who would love to be their own family's doctor)!

"I don't know what I would have done without having homeopathy as a tool during my parenting years!" (Ref: me!)

I have other courses on using Homeopathy during pregnancy and childbirth, and for those wanting to travelling abroad, naturally. 

I offer these courses as one to one sessions, as well as online groups.

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Buy my Book!

I am very proud that my booklet is now a BEST SELLER at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy!

My booklet ‘Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children’ is well used and loved by parents treating their children's minor ailments themselves, naturally. 

It is a quick, easy reference, covering common childhood ailments, such as colds, fevers, weaning, worms, coughs, behavioural issues, and providing natural treatment options eg homeopathy, herbs, flower essences, aromatherapy, diet, Ayurveda and old wives tales!

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