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Zoë Scanlan BSc (Hons), MSc, SDS Hom, MARH

Homeopathy first found its way into my life when I was pregnant and looking to support my natural birth. However, it was when my 10 week old baby developed impetigo that I experienced Homeopathy’s true value. Antibiotics was offered by the GP, but at such a young age I was reluctant to go this route. Advice from the Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy lead me to the remedy ‘Ant Crud 30’, which healed the impetigo almost overnight.

I turned again to Homeopathy some months later, feeling at a very low ebb (mild PND) from what felt like endless breastfeeding and broken nights sleep, and all that is the huge transition of becoming a mother!  The quality of the homeopathic consultation felt so healing and combined with the remedy (Sepia 30), I felt my mood and world shift almost immediately. This was enough to convince me I needed to know more. I started the 4 year training just a few weeks later.

Since then, homeopathy has become part of everyday life. We've seen earaches clear up in hours, distraught children falling into peaceful slumber, fears vanishing and I learnt to work with a fever, rather than fear and suppress it (very important!). I was also lucky enough to have two wonderful home births, which I also gladly attribute to well prescribed remedies.

My work now has a strong focus on helping parents gain the knowledge and confidence to become their own family’s doctor! i work with mothers to help them find their way back to nature, their true selves and their intuitive power, using nature, plants and energy as primary healing tools.

On my own journey as a mother, I have also come to realise how we are are the pinnacle of family life, and if we are well cared for and in good balance, our family will in turn be nourished.  We have been strongly conditioned to put other’s needs before our own, and today I gently challenge this belief with all women I work with. 

I offer support via consultations, mentoring, courses and also sell a small book “Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children“, which lists natural healing ideas, including homeopathy, herbs, flower essences, nutrition etc, for treating many of the common childhood ailments.

I am fully registered with a Homeopathic professional body - The Alliance Registered Homeopaths, I am insured.


This interview will give you an insight into me, my work and my journey into Homeopathy.


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