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AuraTransformation™ (AT) is an energy treatment that is in short, an energy upgrade. This creates a radical expansion of your personal consciousness, leading to many beneficial changes in your life.

It is not just a healing tool or a quick fix for all of life’s problems, but it is for the individuals who wants to upgrade and expand their consciousness, and align themselves with the New Time energies which in turn opens a door to the process of reclaiming your own power, and helps you no longer unconsciously fuel or abide by hidden agendas and programs that your true self does not condone.

Connecting with Our Children

An AuraTransformation™ with a qualified Aura Mediator™ not only helps parents and adults with their overall personal development, but helps them connect with their children in a more real and authentic way.

Our children are naturally more evolved that we are, in the same way, we are more evolved than our parents were/are.  This can lead to misunderstandings or difficulties in understanding each other, affecting our connection. The AT treatment reduces this gap, brings us up to our children's level of thinking, which helps us understand and connect with them in a whole new way. This is what drew me to AT in the very beginning!

Do you have an Indigo Child?  To understand your Indigo child and how AT can help you both, read here: Indigo Children- AuraTransformation™


After an Aura Transformation

Experience shows that the first 3 months following an AuraTransformation™ is an adjustment period where you find your new grounding within a new awareness.   After a while everything calms down and the love you give to yourself during this phase and beyond becomes your manifestation power for a future life in balance.  Homeopathy sessions can be a great support during this adjustment process.

Before an Aura Transformation...

Before having an Aura Transformation, you must read:


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Aura Transformation Sessions

An Aura Transformation requires two sessions - the first is 3 hrs and second will take 1.5-2 hours.

All AT work will be held in person, at the quiet and comfort of my home clinic, in Brighton UK.

(I am sorry that this process cannot be done online or virtually, as I know some other energy/healing treatments can).

Fee options:

Aura Transformation (& associated Balancing Session) - £350

An AT session which includes being prescribed Homeopathic remedies within the treatment (recommended) - £430 

Important note:

AuraTransformation™ is not a substitute for qualified health care for the physical body and/or the mind and is not intended to cure diseases. AuraTransformation™ is intended for people who are relatively stable in their physical and mental health.

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