• I work from my home clinic in Westdene, Brighton, the 'Tree of Life' clinic, Hove & online.
  • I am available Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm, with some evening appts
  • Bookings can be made via email or my online calendar (‘Book a Consultation’)
Zoe Scanlan Homeopath


  • Online Sessions

    All sessions are currently online, until July 21. Please let me know your preference – Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or email.

  • Initial Consultations & Follow-up appointments

    Initial Consultations – 1 hr. Follow-up appointments – 45 mins. Sessions are generally monthly (unless acute).

  • Introductory Form

    All new clients will need to complete my Introductory form before our first session. You can download either the Child or Adult Form here. The first page gives useful information in preparation for your first session.

  • Remedies

    You will be required to purchase your own remedies. If you are in the UK, I often use Helios or Ainsworth Pharmacy, but I can help you find your local pharmacy if you are overseas and unfamiliar with the process.

  • Payments

    Please can all payments be made prior to our session.

  • Cancellations

    Please give 48 hrs notice to cancel or change an appointment. Full payment will be required for missed appointments. 50% payment will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hrs notice.

Consultations – Homeopathy

  • Homeopathy SessionsAdult – £80 / £70;   Teen (12+) – £65;   Siblings (x2) – £90;   Child (0-12) – £60   

Family Sessions
20% less than Individual sessions

I find working on the energy & well being of a family, over 3 or 6 months, a wondrous process, and a deep honour to observe what is possible. Each individual in a family has their own life journey and challenges to face (as we all do). And each impacts both positivity and negativity on those around. So, it can be very helpful to treat a family as a whole, particularly if the energy dynamics feel heavy or challenged. When one changes, this shifts the energy dynamic. But when everyone shifts in a healing direction and upwards in awareness, not only of themselves but also those around them, the changes can be profound.

20% less than Individual sessions
Family Monthly Acute package

This monthly payment will give you unlimited access to Homeopathy Support for your family for First Aid situations or Acute advice.  Acute symptoms include physical ailments such as coughs, colds, fevers, stomach upset etc. (not long standing/chronic ailments or emotional symptoms).  Remedies not included.   Contact can be via 15 min calls, text, Whatsapp or email.

Mother & Child Session
£90 / session

Mother and child are particularly strongly linked, and the energetic connection of pregnancy remains long after a child is born. It can often be helpful to treat both mother and child (or children) together, particularly with deeper issues, such as emotional or behavioural challenges, or simply when the mother senses there is more going on than that visible in the child

£90 / session
Pregnancy & Birth Preparation

aims to support pregnant women and their partner gain an understanding of homeopathic remedies to support a natural labour. Partner welcome to attend with you. Homeopathic Birthing Kit loan included

* Acute Telephone Consultation - 15 mins £25;  15-20 mins £30;  20-25 mins £40;  25-30 mins £50


Consultations – Vibrational Homeopathy

Vibrational Homeopathy
£85 / Session

I now offer a new form of higher vibrational remedies. These are high frequency and thus powerful form of treatment, that I believe to be very attuned to this time on planet earth

£85 / Session

Testimonials & Reviews:

Family Consultation – “If you are considering homeopathy as a means to obtain and maintain health and wellbeing then I wholly recommend consultations with Zoe. My family and I have not used a GP or chemical based medicines since finding her. I have never had a such a thorough consultation; Zoe goes above and beyond to truly know you, in order to treat you on every level. I had not realised the scope of homeopathy for treating chronic conditions as well as little niggles; be it physical, mental and emotional. Within these past 3 months my severe athletes foot has cleared up, my energy levels have increased and I am developing a self-awareness and confidence to assert my needs. My son’s digestive problem is resolving, my daughter’s sinus congestion and pain is clearing and my husband is finally sleeping so much better after a lifetime of poor sleep.”


UK, 2020

Online Course series – “I have had a homeopathic first aid kit at home for some time and rarely used them but since attending Zoe’s 6 part online course, I can treat common ailments with confidence. I don’t entirely understand how homeopathy works but have decided that I don’t need to!”


UK, 2020

Mother & Child Session – “Just wanted to say, my son and I are SO much better…so much calmer and at ease. Thank you so so much”

Mother of 2

Forest Row, UK

Child Consultation – “Zoe has very successfully treated my son and I over recent years for various emotional and physical ailments. Her enthusiasm for, faith in, and knowledge of homeopathy is infectious and I love working with Zoe to match symptoms with remedies. This enthusiasm instils the confidence in me to self-prescribe on occasion and fuels my general interest in all things homeopathy. It gives me great comfort having her at the other end of the phone or email.”



Adult consultation – ‘Thanks for yesterday, I always feel better having seen you’.


Hove, UK

Family Consultations – “Whenever we have a difficult time in our children development or a time of illness I always call Zoe and every single time she has completely sorted things out from Colic to teething, from nightmares to the stresses of moving home and schools. Zoe always offers a friendly coaching session on the phone and finds exactly the right remedies for us. Most recently my youngest boy was really struggling with anger and frustration (terrible twos!) and after 3 remedies he’s completely changed back to his happy laughing self – it’s unbelievable. Thank you so much”

Mother of 2


Adult Consultation – “Thank you for your help, I am getting better :). Very happy”



Acute Session – “Well, I didn’t wake last night coughing for the first time in over a week, and I have hardly coughed at all this morning. Just a little tickle in the throat but definitely a marked improvement courtesy of the Ars 1m.”


Cambs, UK

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