Homeopathic treatment can initiate significant change, and fast, however chronic conditions (i.e. those that have taken time to develop) - emotional or physical - can take time to "undo" (heal), so a commitment to a series of consultations is recommended, rather than a one off session.  Everyone's circumstances are different, and as such your treatment will be tailored to what you need, but do expect at least three consultations, usually at monthly intervals.

  • Clinics & hours

    Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 7am-3pm.  After school appts can be arranged on request.  I work online & in-person, from my clinic in Brighton (UK) and the Tree of Life Centre in Hove.  

  • Booking

    All consultations can be booked via my online calendar. Once booked, please specify whether you'd prefer an in-person or online consultation.

  • Intake Form

    New clients are requested to complete an intake form before our first session (this is not essential, just helpful).

  • Payments

    Please pay all consultation fees prior to our session. Bank details are in my intake form. Please use your consultation date as a ref.

  • Online / in-person

    On booking, please email or whatsapp specifying whether you'd prefer an online or in person appt.

  • Zoom link

    Zoom link will be emailed out just prior to the start of our appt

  • Acute Consultations

    I offer short consultations for acute minor ailments eg coughs, flu, fevers, for current clients (whose constitution I know). Prices are below. Appts can be booked via my online calendar. It is helpful (but not essential) to have a Homeopathy kit at home.  For those local, I can make up and leave remedies for collection in my Homeopathy collection box. 

Zoe Scanlan Homeopath
  • Consultations

    Initial Consultations - 1 hour.  Follow-up session – 45 mins-1hr.  Consultations are generally at monthly intervals.

  • Remedies

    Prescriptions will be emailed or sent via whatsapp. You will be required to purchase your own remedies. I can help you source them if needed.

  • Cancellations

    If you need to cancel your appointment, please give 24 hours notice so I can offer the appt to someone, else otherwise the full fee will payable.

Consultations Fees

  • Homeopathy SessionsAdult (18yr+) £80;  Child (0-17yr) £70;  Siblings (x2) £100;  Mother & Child £100;  Family: 20% less full appt fees

  • Acute Telephone Consultations: 15 mins £25; 15-20 mins £30; 20-25 mins £35;  25-30 mins £40; 30-35 mins £50... etc

  • Further acute advise via whatsapp (after an acute call):  £10

  • Out of hours / weekend consultations:  will be charged at additional 50%

Testimonials & Reviews:

Mother with Flu – "Getting Zoe's homeopathic support during what felt like the heaviest virus/flu ive ever had was the best decision ever, by next morning i felt noticeably better and light and really on my way back to good health. The speed of recovery always surprises me with homeopathy alongside how tangibly good i start feeling again. The fact that we had a same day video chat was also helpful, i would not have had the energy to drive to a doctor even if i wanted to. Zoe is our go to support for my son's and my health needs. Highly recommend her as a homeopathic guide for your health and that of your children." 

Samaya Adelin

Brighton UK, 2024

Child with Eczema and emotional upset – I felt drawn to working with Zoe as my son had ongoing eczema and emotional imbalances due to parents separation and I was looking for an alternative way to help him, as the mainstream ways have failed to do. After the first session my son eczema cleared up and over 2 months he felt less emotional, significant reduction of emotional crisis and overall much better.  Zoe is so welcoming and knowledgeable, and understood promptly what he needed.  Thank you so much Zoe!  Highly recommended!"


UK, 2023

Teenager with serious behavioural problems "I’m blown away by how powerful homeopathy can be. It’s been absolutely life-changing for our teenage son, and I’d like to thank Zoe from the bottom of my heart for saving our family.” 

For the full story see: Sarah's Story - Homeopathy UK ( 


UK, 2022

Hayfever – "When literally everything else completely failed (and despite my scepticism about homeopathy remedies at the time), I gave those remedies a go and they worked like magic! THE Best and possibly only solution I have come across which helped with my nasty hayfever. Thank you Zoe"

Client, London


Family Consultation – “If you are considering homeopathy as a means to obtain and maintain health and wellbeing then I wholly recommend consultations with Zoe. My family and I have not used a GP or chemical based medicines since finding her. I have never had a such a thorough consultation; Zoe goes above and beyond to truly know you, in order to treat you on every level. I had not realised the scope of homeopathy for treating chronic conditions as well as little niggles; be it physical, mental and emotional. Within these past 3 months my severe athletes foot has cleared up, my energy levels have increased and I am developing a self-awareness and confidence to assert my needs. My son’s digestive problem is resolving, my daughter’s sinus congestion and pain is clearing and my husband is finally sleeping so much better after a lifetime of poor sleep.”


UK, 2020

Online Course series – “I have had a homeopathic first aid kit at home for some time and rarely used them but since attending Zoe’s 6 part online course, I can treat common ailments with confidence. I don’t entirely understand how homeopathy works but have decided that I don’t need to!”


UK, 2020

Mother & Child Session – “Just wanted to say, my son and I are SO much better…so much calmer and at ease. Thank you so so much”

Mother of 2

Forest Row, UK

Child Consultation – “Zoe has very successfully treated my son and I over recent years for various emotional and physical ailments. Her enthusiasm for, faith in, and knowledge of homeopathy is infectious and I love working with Zoe to match symptoms with remedies. This enthusiasm instils the confidence in me to self-prescribe on occasion and fuels my general interest in all things homeopathy. It gives me great comfort having her at the other end of the phone or email.”



Adult consultation – ‘Thanks for yesterday, I always feel better having seen you’.


Hove, UK

Family Consultations – “Whenever we have a difficult time in our children development or a time of illness I always call Zoe and every single time she has completely sorted things out from Colic to teething, from nightmares to the stresses of moving home and schools. Zoe always offers a friendly coaching session on the phone and finds exactly the right remedies for us. Most recently my youngest boy was really struggling with anger and frustration (terrible twos!) and after 3 remedies he’s completely changed back to his happy laughing self – it’s unbelievable. Thank you so much”

Mother of 2


Adult Consultation – “Thank you for your help, I am getting better :). Very happy”



Acute Session – “Well, I didn’t wake last night coughing for the first time in over a week, and I have hardly coughed at all this morning. Just a little tickle in the throat but definitely a marked improvement courtesy of the Ars 1m.”


Cambs, UK

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