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To book an appointment please use my online calendar via 'Book a Consultation', but if you would like to say "Hello", have a question or comment, please feel free to message me here:

Useful Contacts

Here are some lovely connections I am happy to recommend:

  • Homeopathy UK

    Homeopathy UK is the leading charity for the promotion of homeopathy.  Its vision is for everyone in the UK to understand the value of homeopathy and be able to access high-quality treatment from registered healthcare professionals.

  • The Homeopathic Book Company

    Buy all your homeopathic book requirements here, including my book!

  • Sophelia Korhonen, Spiritual Intuitive

    Sophelia is one of the most gifted and wise healers I know. She offers spiritual intuitive coaching sessions online, as well as Aura Transformation and balance sessions.

  • Rites for Girls

    I love to work with teenagers, it feels such an honour to be able to help them steer a clearer course through challenging times. Too many suffer with anxieties and I wish I could do more, but this organisation offers great emotional and social support for girls during the journey of adolescence. I wish they would set something up for boys too!

  • Sofie Rutherford – Hypnobirthing

    Sofie is a lovely soul. I would trust her entirely to help me prepare to deliver my babies!

  • Monique Kleinveld – Naturopath, Functional Medicine & Nutrition Practitioner

    Heal yourself with naturopathic and functional medicine, nutrition, detox, lab testing, food intolerance / deficiency testing and health screening. Monique works by finding the root causes of health issues, rather than just treating symptoms. This enables her to give the body what it needs so that it can repair itself, for longer-lasting health and vitality. Her aim is to Repair, Strengthen, Restore and Heal your body and Improve your life.

  • Aamod Korhonen - Intuitive Photographer & The Hope Project

    Aamod is an intuitive photographer. He is highly skilled at capturing the essence of his subject and creating magical portraits. He has taken all my professional photographs and I can highly recommend him.

    Aamod has also set up "The Hope Project” to support men suffering mental health challenges. He has gathered stories of men who have found their way through difficult times, and who now live a life of meaning and balance. A true message of Hope! If you would like to share your story, please contact Aamod directly through the link above.

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