Corporate Wellness

As well as being a homeopath supporting individuals and families, I also work as a Holistic Wellness Consultant in offering wider health support and mentoring for the corporate world.

I currently sit on a panel of health experts supporting businesses who recognise the need to invest in their staff, particularly at this time. The need of employees for support has been catapulted into the spotlight with the additional pressures and emotional strain from the current pandemic.

The difficulties facing businesses to provide a high quality service in an increasingly fast paced, competitive world, whilst simultaneously sustaining a healthy and productive workforce are ongoing.

Many employees experience tremendous work pressure and at times, crippling levels of anxiety, trying to deliver the demands placed on them. This can lead to an unhealthy work life balance and very often to compromised health - physical, mental and emotional.

It is encouraging to see that businesses are now recognising this - that rather than trying to squeeze every ounce of time and energy from an employee; that by taking care of their wellbeing, actually sees their productivity increase.

I read a great article recently about a media company in New York, who truly puts “people first”. They employ a Chief Heart Officer to mentor, inspire and support the company’s 750 staff, to help them grow and develop as individuals. They believe mentorship creates loyalty and longevity, and I am absolutely positive it does. I would love to see a similar job title in every company!

So please contact me if you have a business that could do with a ‘Chief Heart Officer’! ... or a Wellness Consultant to support staff, and you; to get the best from them.

Zoe Scanlan Family Homeopath UK

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