Homeopathy Courses


So, you would like to learn Homeopathy!

I am always happy to support people to learn about Homeopathy but in particular to use it for themselves.

Starting with a bit of reading, possibly some light tutoring and gentle experimentation, you soon see the benefits by yourself! And once you see what is possible, you will never look back!

Homeopathy Courses

Generally courses run bi-annually.

Dates for 2023 will be here and on my social media (facebook/instagram).

Please also message me to register your interest in any particular course.  

My Beginner Homeopathy courses are available as short talk replays, which you can purchase anytime.

Benefits of Learning Homeopathy!

  • A sense of empowerment, when you realise have taken back control for your own health and wellbeing!
  • You feel better! Your health will naturally improve as you use more homeopathy and natural remedies and rely less on pharmaceutical medication.
  • Homeopathy is gentle, non-toxic and non-addictive! You will never have to worry about any negative side effects from taking Homeopathic remedies or giving them to your children.
  • Cheaper healthcare!  Homeopathy is incredibly cost effective!  You can make one bottle last a really long time!
  • Homeopathy can be taken alongside any medications you are on.
  • Homeopathy is for everyone - babies, children, teenagers and adults!
  • Your friends and community will heal too!  I know this to be true, because as humans we are naturally heart led.  When we find something that works for us, we cannot help but share it with those we love!


Course Dates - will be announced via my social media channels - Facebook and Instagram, so please connect with me there for upcoming course dates or feel free to contact me directly.

Course Payment - will be via paypal.me/ZoeScanlan.  Please send payment and specify the course title you would like to attend or purchase.

Train to be a Homeopath!

There are many wonderful Homeopathy Colleges in the UK, both online and in person.  It is good to find which college style will suit you best, or perhaps, as it was for me when I started studying, with a 6 month old baby, I just joined the closest course to my home!

Here is me, on being a Homeopath!  Zoe Scanlan D2 - YouTube

These are useful websites to find the best training provider:

Home (homeopathytraining.uk)

Home - Which Homeopathy Course?

Here are some courses, that I have had connection with:

South Downs School of Homeopathy | University of Chichester

I studied here. It was wonderful practical training (in person), based in Chichester University

College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) (naturopathy-uk.com)

I work here, managing CNM's 3 year (in person) Homeopathy Diploma, based in London, UK

River School of Homeopathy | Residential Practitioner Courses

I have lectured at this lovely college. They run in-person courses, near Oxford, UK

Southern College of Homeopathy (schhom.com)

I am soon to lecture at this college, in Tunbridge Wells - offering an in-person course.

Homeopathy College | CHE (chehomeopathy.com)

I have attended CHE's online courses. They offer a range of homeopathy courses for beginner to practitioner.

The School of Homeopathy - (homeopathyschool.com)

Based in a gorgeous rural setting in Stroud. Offering online, correspondence and attendance courses.

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