Homeopathy for the Family

Become Your Own Family Doctor Today!

Having been a mother myself for last 16 years and starting my homeopathy training when my first was 6 months old! I know firsthand how enormously helpful it is to know how to prescribe Homeopathic remedies for your own children.

The Role of Parents as Homeopathic Prescribers!

Incredibly, we can do SO much to support our children's health and wellbeing ourselves, using natural medicines, and it pays dividends!  I am not talking about taking them to a professional Homeopath for regular constitutional treatment (which certainly has its place in treating chronic and emotional symptoms) but I am talking about parents learning about Homeopathy, how it works, getting to know basic remedies and starting to treat day-to-day, acute and minor ailments themselves at home!   As I said, this has a huge paybacks that last a lifetime...

  • It empowers you as a parent;
  • Helps you reclaim responsibility and control over your family's health;
  • Strengthens your children's constitution, immune system and emotional balance..
Family Homeopath

Become Your Own Family Doctor Today!

If this feels like something you would like offer your family - you can start immediately!   Buy yourself my Booklet "Homeopathy and Natural Remedies for Children", and a few basic remedies (or a Homeopathy kit) and start to learn now!  You can also have a look at the short talks below, that are a great for beginner Homeopaths, like you!

Homeopathy Short Courses

This is a series of pre-recorded courses. Each is available, to be purchased individually as a stand alone course, or the full set of six, which acts as a general introduction to Homeopathy, the 36 basic remedies and how to use them in day to day and first aid situations.

  • 1. Introduction to using Homeopathy
  • 2. Getting to Know Your Homeopathy Kit (18 remedies)
  • 3. Managing Fever Positively
  • 4. Your Natural Home Medicine Kit
  • 5. Natural & Homeopathic First Aid
  • 6. Getting to Know Another 18 Remedies


  • £15 - each short talk (approx 1 hour).
  • £60 - full set - all 6 x talks

To Purchase

1. Send payment to paypal.me/ZoeScanlan;

2. Please specify the course title/s you wish to purchase;

3. The course links will then be emailed to you.


“Such a wonderful course Zoe, thank you! So much useful information, my Zoe book of knowledge is growing by the day! You give me so much confidence to be able to help my family it’s invaluable. I would highly recommend all of Zoe’s inspiring courses, thank you! x”


Brighton, 2020

"This is so interesting. I am really excited for the next course and already thinking about wanting to learn more and perhaps professionally….!"


India, 2021

'Brilliant course. Worth every penny and minute. Thank you so much Zoe, I have learned so much’



“Thank you for this morning, absolutely wonderful! You are a brilliant teacher!” 


India, 2021

“Zoe is a really lovely lady with a lot of knowledge, I thoroughly recommend her workshops & talk days!”



“Thanks a million for your course today, really really wonderful and so encouraging! I have Miranda’s [Castro] and your book, and so far it has been a real help and support for my boys!”


Ireland, 2021

“Another absolutely fabulous hour and a half Zoe, thank you! I have again learnt so much it leaves me buzzing Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge, I’m loving my new little file with all your wonderful notes.”



“I thoroughly recommend this course. It was one of those courses where I didn’t want to leave the room in case I missed a gem! Thank you Zoe it was profound! My husband and I were talking about it yesterday as we have both had recent moments of genuine surprise and amazement of the effect of homeopathy. I don’t know what we would do without the knowledge and information you shared with us. Thank you Zoe.”

Mother of 1

Sussex, UK

“… am so amazed at the power of homeopathy. I mean I am a convert anyway, but clearing an ear infection within a day is rather special. She had been screaming in pain, fever and burning red ear. Thank you Family-Homeopath Zoe Scanlan, your course has really come to use. Highly recommended peeps.”

Mother of 3


“I have used homeopathy since my son was born (he’s nearly 3) and it is an integral part of our lives. I started with fear and confusion! I met Zoe, thank goodness, and started to gain my confidence and trust in the body responding! I can’t begin to thank Zoe enough for sharing her wealth of knowledge and time. I feel so much more empowered to support my family with homeopathy and natural remedies.”


Brighton, 2018

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