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If yes, JOIN US - in person or online.

I can feel a wave of a new energy of awareness, which makes me want to gather together a COMMUNITY - to bring those like-minded, together.  I work with so many wonderful people - mothers, fathers, families... and I just know how much you'd all love each other!

I also want to support those who want to LEARN to use more Homeopathy and natural remedies in their day to day lives.  You can learn from me and then support and learn from each other - as it should be!

I want to talk about holistic health, and taking responsibility for ours and our family's physical and emotional wellbeing.

I want us all to get back in touch with ourselves, our INTUITION and nature!

I know there are many of you that also feel the calling to train professionally in Homeopathy or other healing arts...I want to help you to find ways to do this.

The world needs MORE HOMEOPATHS, healers and natural wisdom - more now than ever - and Homeopathy IS the MEDICINE OF the FUTURE!

So if you feel drawn to this... I will be holding monthly meetings covering different topics of Homeopathy. Our first was a general introduction, next will be Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies, then natural FEVER support. Others suggested - Homeopathy for Females & hormones and will see what else unfolds.

The dates are below.  Join us when you can.

Babies very welcome. Children also welcome but please bare in mind I only have one living room/kitchen and I want to create a space that everyone can get what they need.

Virtual Attendance - if you would like to zoom in, you are also welcome. I will record the session, so you can purchase them retrospectively if you'd like:

Venue: My home clinic, Westdene Brighton

Sliding scale fee:  £60;   £40;   unwaged £25;

Homeopathy is for everyone. It is a very affordable form of medicine. Remedies are cheap and last forever (never throw them away if they have passed their sell by date!). Do not be put off by having to pay for this course, the most important is that you learn. So, any problem, message me!

Register: www.paypal.me/zoescanlan or PM me (for bank details).

Join by Zoom: If you cant be with us in person, you can join and listen via zoom.  Please specify this when you book.

Follow on course for those inspired to learn more: Basic Homeopathy – Homeopathy for living


Dates & topics (12-2pm):

  1. Wed 24 April - Introduction to Homeopathy
  2. Fri 24 May - Homeopathy for Accidents & Emergencies
  3. Thurs 20 June - Natural Fever Support
  4. Wed 25 September - topic tbc * 
  5. Wed 10 October - topic tbc *

Send me your topic requests!

Recorded sessions available for purchase if you have missed a topic of interest.

 To get started all you need is:

  1. Inspiration - this is a good starting post.  What leads people to try Homeopathy? Sometimes it is a magical cure or successful treatment experienced... other times it is sheer desperation!  Whichever, I believe its destiny, we are all being shepherded this way now and what an opportunity it holds...
  2. An Introduction - many want to use Homeopathy but get confused and put off by confusion about potency and dosage e.g. how much is too much?? etc etc.  A intro course will give you the basics and confidence to get going.  It will also connect you to a tribe with similar values. This is really important, especially now.
  3. Reference book - this will be your companion, beyond the course, to help you learn. Find a good, clear and easy reference, that helps you extract essential remedy information in crucial moments eg midnight, under torch light, when your little one is fevering beside you (AND you want to avoid that nasty pink medicine!) My booklet Homeopathy Booklet for Children  is a good basic option to get you started. I put it together after raising my boys, naturally.
  4. A selection of Basic Homeopathic Remedies - I do recommend getting a Homeopathy Kit but a selection of a few first aid remedies is often enough at the beginning, you can build up your homeopathic medicine kit gradually!
Booklet Front cover (with borders)

Raising my own children, and working to support family health issues naturally has shown me how much homeopathy has to offer us as parents, not to mention the enhancement of vitality, health, immune strength and wellbeing of our children.

Support through visiting professional Homeopaths for constitutional treatment is one aspect (which is essential for chronic and emotional issues) but I am talking here about what you can do yourself, by learning to use Homeopathy!

Modern medicine has its place, and will always be there, but how wonderful to need it less?  With changing times and NHS resources depleted, it feels like good time to explore and equip ourselves with other options, and even better to choose those options that encourage autonomy and self responsibility for our health, and that of our loved ones.


Attended April 2024 session: "Wow Zoe! Thank you for the introduction to Homeopathy. It was great to learn about Natural Remedies for all sorts of ailments. Exciting stuff. I can't wait to learn more!" 

Local Mum to a 15 year old Son

Brighton, April 2024

Attended April 2024 session: "Thank you so much for a wonderful and very informative couple of hours, so interesting to learn more 😊 and meet like-minded people. I've totally got the bug!"

Mother of two

Haywards heath, April 2024

Attended April 2024 session: "Thanks very much for the session today Zoe, it was so interesting 😊! Lovely to meet you all and it will be great to be able to connect 😌"


Saltdean, April 2024

Attended April 2024 session: "What an awesome way to spend an afternoon - with like-minded people, learning all about homeopathy. I really appreciate Zoe adapting the content to what people are interested in and I also find her way of teaching very easy to understand 😊"

Gal, Mother of two

Saltdean, April 2024

Attended April 2024 session: "Thank you Zoe for sharing your wisdom in such an inviting and accessible way. A lovely introduction to homeopathy"


Brighton, April 2024

"I have just completed the homeopathy for living course and I feel really inspiried and very grateful. This course help me understand how to deal with injuries, coughs, colds, digestive issues among other common ailments and emergencies. It has giving me the confidence to recognize common illnesses and their first aid remedies for myself and my family and even my pets."


Brighton, 2023

'Brilliant course. Worth every penny and minute. Thank you so much Zoe, I have learned so much’



“Thank you for this morning, absolutely wonderful! You are a brilliant teacher!” 


India, 2021

“Thanks a million for your course today, really really wonderful and so encouraging! I have Miranda’s [Castro] and your book, and so far it has been a real help and support for my boys!”


Ireland, 2021

“Another absolutely fabulous hour and a half Zoe, thank you! I have again learnt so much it leaves me buzzing Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge, I’m loving my new little file with all your wonderful notes.”



“I thoroughly recommend this course. It was one of those courses where I didn’t want to leave the room in case I missed a gem! Thank you Zoe it was profound! My husband and I were talking about it yesterday as we have both had recent moments of genuine surprise and amazement of the effect of homeopathy. I don’t know what we would do without the knowledge and information you shared with us. Thank you Zoe.”

Mother of 1

Sussex, UK

“… am so amazed at the power of homeopathy. I mean I am a convert anyway, but clearing an ear infection within a day is rather special. She had been screaming in pain, fever and burning red ear. Thank you Family-Homeopath Zoe Scanlan, your course has really come to use. Highly recommended peeps.”

Mother of 3


“I have used homeopathy since my son was born (he’s nearly 3) and it is an integral part of our lives. I started with fear and confusion! I met Zoe, thank goodness, and started to gain my confidence and trust in the body responding! I can’t begin to thank Zoe enough for sharing her wealth of knowledge and time. I feel so much more empowered to support my family with homeopathy and natural remedies.”


Brighton, 2018

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