Homeopathy for Doulas & Birthkeepers

Zoe Scanlan, Family Homeopath

Next Homeopathy for Doulas & Birthkeepers Course

DATE: Sunday 22 January, 10am - 12:30

Course details:

Homeopathy treatment is gentle and non-toxic and can do SO much to support birthing mothers & babies! ❤️

I have had two natural, home births supported by Homeopathy alone, and I know its value in supporting this process - the emotional component, as well as the physical bodies of both mother and baby.

I want to share this info with Birth Keepers/ Doula's, so the use of homeopathy can expand, and those working with birth, can see and know for themselves.

It can help in delicate moments (in childbirth for example) when in my opinion, nothing else can offer the same support.

It can create the subtle shift needed to move on a birthing mother, soothe birthing "transitions", as well as bring calm or a sense of peace in a fearful moments or for example, support the power of waning contractions, when the correct remedy is given.

Remedies can be used for birthing, but also morning sickness, heart burn, backache, varicose veins, during pregnancy.

There is also a brilliant Tissue Salts Programme which I always offer pregnant women, which helps nourish and support a pregnant body, reducing post partum depletion.

The remedies can also offer a wonderful emotional support during this time of change and fluctuating hormones.

Post Partum Support - healing the body after birth. Learn what the post partum remedies can do - arnica, bellis perennis, calendula and Staphysagria to name a few.


These courses run online, as well live, from my home/clinic in Brighton, UK.

Fee: £65, 10% if you bring a friend, £50 conc

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“Thank you Zoe Scanlan for this amazing session, it was truly inspiring. I cannot wait to come back for the family homeopathy course!”


Brighton, 2018

"This is so interesting. I am really excited for the next course and already thinking about wanting to learn more and perhaps professionally….!"


India, 2021

'Brilliant course. Worth every penny and minute. Thank you so much Zoe, I have learned so much’



“Thank you for this morning, absolutely wonderful! You are a brilliant teacher!” 


India, 2021

“Zoe is a really lovely lady with a lot of knowledge, I thoroughly recommend her workshops & talk days!”


Hove, 2018

“Incredible lady and brilliant course. Highly recommended for all you pregnant Mamas” 


Ireland, 2021

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