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Raising my own children, and working to support family health issues has shown me, without doubt, how much homeopathy has to offer us as parents, as well as the health and wellbeing of our children.

Support through visiting professional Homeopaths for constitutional treatment is one aspect (which is essential for chronic and emotional issues) but I am talking here about what you can do yourself, as a parent, by learning to use Homeopathy!

Modern medicine has its place, and will always be there, but how wonderful it would be to need it less?  With changing times and NHS resources depleted, it feels like good time to explore and equip ourselves with other options, and even better to choose those that encourage more autonomy and responsibility for our health, and that of our families and children.

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Homeopathy for Living Courses

To support this re-awakening and awareness of alternative natural health solutions, myself and local Homeopathy colleague Pema Sanders, have set up a community initiative "Homeopathy for Living" which runs regular online Homeopathy courses, aiming to promote the use of Homeopathy within our local, and wider community.

To start to use Homeopathy in your day to day life, amazingly you don't need much to get started:

  1. Inspiration - most of us start here and it can take many forms... maybe you've seen a friend using Homeopathy successfully to treat her children's coughs or fever, or your granny swore by remedies and seemed to never need to go to the doctor or perhaps you had "an arnica moment" (as I did) where you tried a Homeopathic remedy (in desperation?!), and it seemed to work like magic!  These moments plant a seed within us, that on some level we know we need to explore further!
  2. An Introductory Course -  a course is a must. Many people I speak to often have a desire to use Homeopathy but are confused by which remedy is the right one, which potency, how much is too much, what happens if I choose the wrong one, is it safe? etc etc  A course will give you the basic pointers and confidence to start experimenting! Have a look at our Homeopathy for Living basic courses. Our leaflet is pictured above.
  3. Reference book - this will be your companion, beyond the course, as you are learning. A good clear and easy reference is essential, so you can extract remedy information from it, at crucial moments eg midnight, under torch light, when your little one is half sleep beside you with a raging fever, AND you are determined not reach for that that pink medicine! Have a look at my Homeopathy Booklet for Children that I put together whilst raising my two boys completely naturally (now 17 and 12 years old), it is not fancy but a great resource that will serve you well.
  4. A selection of Basic Homeopathic Remedies - I do recommend getting a Homeopathy Kit but a selection of a few good first aid remedies is often enough at the beginning, you can build up your homeopathic pharmacy gradually!
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Homeopathy First Aid Kit (Photo)


"I have just completed the homeopathy for living course and I feel really inspiried and very grateful. This course help me understand how to deal with injuries, coughs, colds, digestive issues among other common ailments and emergencies. It has giving me the confidence to recognize common illnesses and their first aid remedies for myself and my family and even my pets."


Brighton, 2023

'Brilliant course. Worth every penny and minute. Thank you so much Zoe, I have learned so much’



“Thank you for this morning, absolutely wonderful! You are a brilliant teacher!” 


India, 2021

“Thanks a million for your course today, really really wonderful and so encouraging! I have Miranda’s [Castro] and your book, and so far it has been a real help and support for my boys!”


Ireland, 2021

“Another absolutely fabulous hour and a half Zoe, thank you! I have again learnt so much it leaves me buzzing Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge, I’m loving my new little file with all your wonderful notes.”



“I thoroughly recommend this course. It was one of those courses where I didn’t want to leave the room in case I missed a gem! Thank you Zoe it was profound! My husband and I were talking about it yesterday as we have both had recent moments of genuine surprise and amazement of the effect of homeopathy. I don’t know what we would do without the knowledge and information you shared with us. Thank you Zoe.”

Mother of 1

Sussex, UK

“… am so amazed at the power of homeopathy. I mean I am a convert anyway, but clearing an ear infection within a day is rather special. She had been screaming in pain, fever and burning red ear. Thank you Family-Homeopath Zoe Scanlan, your course has really come to use. Highly recommended peeps.”

Mother of 3


“I have used homeopathy since my son was born (he’s nearly 3) and it is an integral part of our lives. I started with fear and confusion! I met Zoe, thank goodness, and started to gain my confidence and trust in the body responding! I can’t begin to thank Zoe enough for sharing her wealth of knowledge and time. I feel so much more empowered to support my family with homeopathy and natural remedies.”


Brighton, 2018

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