Homeopathy for Birth Professionals & Pregnant women

Next live online course - Thurs 24 October 2024, 7 - 9pm

This course is an Introduction to Homeopathy for pregnant women wanting to use Homeopathy to support their birth. It is also aimed at birth keepers and doulas (or any birthing professional)  interested to incorporate Homeopathy into their work.  This course is an add-on module on the Conscious Birthing course, run by Kate Woods Homeopathy for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, with Zoe | Conscious Birthing

Zoe Scanlan, Family Homeopath

Homeopathy for Birthing, Doulas & Pregnant women

Homeopathy for Birth

I have wanted to run this course for Doulas and Birthkeepers for some time in order to promote and share the huge potential Homeopathy has to offer your community, as well as the women and babies you support!  

Homeopathy has the unique combination of being gentle yet powerful, which is a great asset for us all, but in particular during the birthing process. I had two natural home births supported by Homeopathy alone, so I know its value and potential Within delicate moments such as the “transition”, when in my opinion, nothing else can offer quite the ability to create the subtle shifts needed to ease such a moment or bring a sense of peace in fearful moments.

Postpartum care - is another area Homeopathy can offer its help. Healing the body after the exertions of labour.  I will share the most common postpartum remedies - arnica, Bellis perennis, calendula and Staphysagria to name a few and what they can specifically do in the healing and recovering phase.

Remedies can also aid the ailments of pregnancy - eg morning sickness, heartburn, backache, varicose veins. 

Lastly, there is also the brilliant Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme which I always offer pregnant women, which helps nourish and support their pregnant body, reducing postpartum depletion.


Course Includes

  1. What is Homeopathy?
  2. Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme
  3. Homeopathy for Late Pregnancy
  4. Induction Support
  5. Homeopathic Childbirth Kit
  6. Postpartum Care
  7. Emotional Support
  8. Homeopathy for New Mothers & Babies



  • Homeopathic Remedy Information
  • Childbirth Kit Remedies
  • Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme


Useful Equipment - Homeopathic Childbirth Kit

Helios Homeopathy - Shop - Childbirth Kit - £29.95

Homeopathy Childbirth kit

To Purchase (pre-recorded) course:

Fee: £65/55

A link and all course material will be sent once payment is received via: https://www.paypal.me/ZoeScanlan


"I attended the Homeopathy for Childbirth & Postpartum Course by Zoe and was mind blown with how amazing it was. I learnt so much and gained so much knowledge. I felt that Zoe was very much aligned to my own spirit and belief and this just reinforce the information and sharing.  Her style of teaching was so loving and without judgement and she was always so conscious to be positive and impeccable with her word. She was with every word manifesting positivity, and I loved it.  Thank you!"


UK, June 2023

"Zoe’s course on ‘Homeopathy for Birth’ was informative, motivational and inspiring.  She spoke from the heart about personal experiences in a manor that was easy to follow and understand. I could feel her passion and sensed a gentle authority on the subject. She shares her knowledge and wisdom in such a way that it ignites an interest and desire to journey with this wonderful natural medicine.

Doula (Birth worker)

UK, 2023

"Absolutely loved the homeopathy for birth workers course. I learnt so much from Zoe, she is so full of knowledge and enthusiasm I couldn’t stop writing! So interesting and informative I am sure it will make a huge difference to my clients. Thank you!" 

Hypnobirthing Practitioner

UK, 2023

Thank you so much for today. I really wish I knew you prior to my oldest daughter's birth, so many things that could have helped me.  When you explained how you got into homeopathy is really made me feel emotional. I’ve always been into natural remedies it really resonated with me.

By the way (after your remedies) my daughter is like a different kid already. That cheeky spark is back and she’s so much better, thank you!”

Pregnant Mother

UK, 2023

“Thank you Zoe Scanlan for this amazing session, it was truly inspiring. I cannot wait to come back for the family homeopathy course!”


Brighton, 2018

"This is so interesting. I am really excited for the next course and already thinking about wanting to learn more and perhaps professionally….!"


India, 2021

'Brilliant course. Worth every penny and minute. Thank you so much Zoe, I have learned so much’



“Thank you for this morning, absolutely wonderful! You are a brilliant teacher!” 


India, 2021

“Zoe is a really lovely lady with a lot of knowledge, I thoroughly recommend her workshops & talk days!”


Hove, 2018

“Incredible lady and brilliant course. Highly recommended for all you pregnant Mamas” 


Ireland, 2021

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