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We have travelled to Asia/India regularly as a family, since my children were small, and lived in South India for some years between 2019, returning to a UK life in 2023.

I have treated all ailments that cropped up during this time, using homeopathy and natural remedies. I have become an expert in overseas holiday preparation - body and mind - prevention, and being my family's doctor!

I am always happy to share this knowledge about pre-holiday preparation to protect your health and energy, remedies for jet lag, travel sickness, preventing stomach upsets, adjusting to the sun, dealing with sun burn or heat stroke… to name a few.

Dates: see Facebook or Instagram or contact me directly for dates or to register interest.

Duration: 2 hrs

Price: £45

Zoe Homeopathy in India


I met with Zoe online before our South East Asia family holiday. It was a really useful consultation, where I was able to ask a a wide range questions about different illnesses and ailments. Zoe really knew her stuff and recommended a great selection of natural remedies and medication to take before and during the trip. 


UK, 2024

I have travelled in India twice now (normally live in the UK).  I have travelled in very difficult parts of India, where ground water and soil is contaminated, and areas that have dengue fever as well as malaria.  I use a combination of homeopathy and Ayurveda to maintain health and well being. I find them to be strong medicine for my body and my Spirit. 

Zoe Scanlan has been a great help and resource to me in following this path. I highly recommend her: she is professional and empathetic as well as extremely experienced and knowledgeable. Her insights and familiarity with living in India have been extremely helpful.  Thank you Zoe!

Robin Maynard Seaver

UK, 2024

“I went to this course with Zoe Scanlan at her house in the summer before a family trip to South East Asia and the information was invaluable – not only in getting my family in tip top condition before we left but also dealing with minor things as they cropped up whilst we were there!”

Mother of 2

Brighton, 2016

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