Pregnancy & Labour

Homeopathy for Pregnancy

Homeopathy is the ideal treatment during pregnancy & to support labour, because it is gentle, non toxic and has no side effects.

Homeopathy can be used for common pregnancy related ailments eg morning sickness, heart burn, backache, varicose veins etc. The remedies can also offer wonderful emotional support during this time of transition, and fluctuating hormones. As well as supporting all the different symptoms, emotions and phases during the birthing process.

The Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme is also important to share with pregnant mothers.  It offers extra mineral nourishment and support for your pregnant body, and that of your growing baby. Tissues salts can also be prescribed individually for particular ailments, such as low iron, to prevent stretch marks, cramps, to name a few.

I used only Homeopathic remedies during both my pregnancies, and was lucky enough to have two natural homeopathic home births too!! I love to share this experience and knowledge to support other mothers to do the same (if it is their wish).

I run all my courses live annually but you if want to gather a few pregnant mothers together, I will be happy to run it for you and your friends. Minimum number 5 attendees.

Dates: Please check my Facebook or Instagram page or contact me directly.

Duration: 2 hrs

Price: £45 each or£35 each if you gather a group (minimum 5) yourself.

Here is a lovely 4 minute clip on natural birthing to inspire you further : )

“It was so lovely and so informative. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Totally recommend it to anyone”

Mother of 3


“Incredible lady and brilliant course. Highly recommended for all you pregnant Mamas”

Pregnant mama

Brighton, 2018

“Thank you Zoe Scanlan for this amazing moment, it was truly inspiring. I cannot wait to come back for the family homeopathy course!”



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