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How i got started Homeopathy For Children

When I was 22 I experienced a huge shift in my life. Finishing university left me feeling lost and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. I had no idea what I should do with my life or what I had to offer the world, which led me into escalating panic and an eventual collapse. I felt frightened of everything and even getting into work in the mornings required immense emotional effort. I would shake on the train into work and sweat fear at every social interaction. It was exhausting, I felt run ragged and deeply depressed.

This desperate state pushed me (very reluctantly) to take a deep dive into ‘me’ - who I was extremely reluctant to get to know. I was forced to figure out what needed to feel well and happy, and to find tools to help me manage the fears that had taken over my life.

I can now look back and recognise my choices during this time created an extraordinary transition, putting me firmly on my spiritual and life’s path - which came to know would be to work to heal in my community.

Homeopathy For Children! 5 Easy Steps.
Homeopathy For Children! 5 Easy Steps.

Free PDF Download
“Homeopathy For Children Doesn't Have To Be Hard”

Zoe Scanlan Homeopaths for children

The opportunity to work with Homeopathic remedies came some years later, and quite by chance.

I didn’t know much about Homeopathy in those days. I bought my first Remedy kit when preparing for my homebirth. The kit didn’t feature much during that first childbirth experience (although I did manage the homebirth I hoped for). Homeopathy grabbed my attention some weeks later, when my son, at 10 weeks old, developed a patch of impetigo (Impetigo is a common and highly contagious skin infection that mainly affects infants and young children.) - a nasty looking fungal skin condition that spread across his left leg in a matter of days.

It was a Sunday morning when I examined his leg. The skin was open and oozing now, and I knew we needed help. We found ourselves in our local hospital waiting to see an emergency GP. He diagnosed impetigo and prescribed antibiotics in a matter of minutes. I held my little one close to me, knowing I wouldn’t give him that . But I was acutely aware I had no idea what else to do.

By the time we were home, the panic was rising. I felt strongly about giving a 10 week old baby antibiotics, but felt equally irresponsible if I did nothing. I called the helpline, I had noticed on the back of my homeopathy kit. I had no idea if homeopathy could help or not, but I felt desperate enough to try anything. And it paid off, big time! In fact this was a life changing moment for me. I just didn’t realise it.

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy posted a remedy which arrived the following morning. By that night I was sure the impetigo had started to clear! But by the following morning, there was no doubt - it was just a healthy looking scab. I had not expected that, and was quite taken back. “How did these small pills created such a powerful effect? How had all that horrible oozing skin healed so fast over one night?”. I started my 4 year professional training a few weeks later.

I always say now, if I had never used homeopathy professionally, it would have been worth the 4 years training just to be able to support my children’s health complaints myself, and naturally. It has been such an incredible asset to my mothering toolbox. It has bought me so much peace of mind over the years, and a wonderful sense of empowerment knowing I had all I needed to care for my children, in the way I wanted to, without compromising my values. Of course orthodox medicine is there as back up - but how wonderful to have never needed it. I count this as one of the great blessings of my life.

These days, after working with so many children and knowing what is possible with homeopatnhy to support their health, I feel increasingly saddened by the amount of pharmaceutical drugs that are given to children, with the risk of side effects and suppression of symptoms and their health. So I get an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction helping parents understand a different point of view about health, our bodies and how to support our children’s health more holistically.

New Mothers
When I became a mother myself, I felt a strong instinct that I wanted to raise my children consciously, in as natural a way as was possible.

I deviated from the only once. Gina Ford’s book “Contented little Baby” was new on the baby circuit at this time, and everyone was “sleep training” their babies and getting them into strict routines. 24 hrs on this “regime” found me crying in one room and my baby crying in another! I realised this wasn’t for me, and deeply regret this to this day. I learnt an important lesson, that I would listen to my own intuition and what feels best for me and my baby, rather than following what everyone else was doing.

This quote spoke to me: “Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if no one is doing it”

Here are a few other guidelines I also wanted to follow:

  • Avoid pharma drugs (unless absolutely necessary)
  • Support immunity naturally
  • Avoiding chemicals in all aspects of life, but especially food
  • Learn to make healthy food, using organic ingredients as much as possible
  • Taking responsibility for my children’s health - both physical and emotional (rather than visiting the GP for every symptom)
  • Acting proactively to maintain good health, rather than only taking action when ill health develops

Benefits of homeopathy compared to MM
As I learnt more, I began to understand how this mysterious healing tool, that is homeopathy, worked. I learnt:

  • It is an energy medicine;
  • it harnesses the healing energies of our nature world, and makes them available to us, as we have done all through time; Healing through nature, is our birthright;
  • Modernisation of our lives has pushed us away from our nature roots. We have forgotten our connection to nature, ourselves and the deepest part of us - our spiritual selves;
  • It works well for physical - colic, fevers, ear aches…as well as emotional upsets too - fears of the dark, separation anxieties, phobia etc
  • It heals holistically - both emotional as well as physical
  • It is gentle, with no side effects - i can be used on new borns, pregnant women, all children and the elderly and frail.
  • Cost effective

There is a place for all forms of medicine and healing - natural compliments wonders of modern medicine in its surgery and emergency life saving treatments, as well as it’s over use of medicalisation.

Your new Plan A!
Todays parents, myself included, are conditioned into the way of “modern” medicine.That we dont think for ourselves when it comes to health. We are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for solutions, to visit the GP for medicine to cure us and so pharmaceutical drugs are most parent’s only option. But the truth is, with a small amount of knowledge of natural alternatives, most of the time you don’t need it, AND ironically your children are (most of the time) healthier for it!

I support parents to make their current conventional medicine strategies eg using calpol or antibiotics as their new “plan B” and put their energy and resources into learning new tools, to become their new Plan A. As they learn and become more skilled, gradually as confidence and knowledge builds, plan B (pharma drugs) will be used less and less. This transition is a wonderful and empowering journey!

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About me
Zoë is a mother of two, and has been working as a professional Homeopath since 2010. She lives in Brighton UK with her family, and in 2019 put her clinic online and moved to Goa, India. It was her dream to step out of the race for a while and show her children a different life. She celebrated her first session online, whilst watching her children playing on the beach, by joining them for a dip in the tropical waters! (full story in the video below)

She cared for her children herself, treating them with homeopathy and natural remedies. Based on this experience, she compiled her well loved book: 'Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children', which aims to support other parents to do the same. She also offers online courses to support this and natural family life.

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