Part 1: Mother & Baby Introductory Course

I am very keen for mothers to firstly understand what homeopathy can do for them and their families, and secondly, learn how to use it confidently themselves. I was lucky enough to discover Homeopathy early on in my mothering journey and it served me well. 

This course will act as an Introduction to using Homeopathy, and aims to help you care for yourself, your baby (and older children) naturally, and holistically! 

This Course will help you...

Homeopathy mother and baby
  • Understand what homeopathy is;
  • How it can help their your mothering journey;
  • How it can enhance the health and wellbeing of your family.


Course Includes

  • An Introduction to Homeopathy
  • Getting Started - Homeopathy kit/books
  • Remedies - purchasing, dosage, potency, handling & storage
  • Remedies for accidents and emergencies e.g. bumps, bruises, cuts
  • Remedies for child ailments eg colic, teething, fevers, coughs, colds, sleep


Handouts for Course:

  • Homeopathic Remedy Guidance
  • A Family Record sheet
  • Remedies for Accidents & Emergencies 
  • Remedies for Babies and Children’s Ailments


Homeopathy Equipment for a Mother

All you need is:

1. Homeopathy Kit

Either a large Homeopathy kit (36 x remedies) or a small one (18 remedies). If you can afford it, I recommend the large one, to be equipped for more eventualities!

2. Homeopathy Book

You'll need a book, as a reference and guide.  The kit does have a small booklet included, but it is helpful to have a larger one too.  I am recommending my book here. It isn't the only one, and there are certainly more comprehensive Homeopathy books out there, but it is a great starter and quick reference for a busy mum wanting to treat her baby's and/or child's ailments:


Fee: £25

Payment: Please pay via Paypal (or contact me for my UK bank details)

I will then email you the link and all course worksheets and information.

Please note - I have kept this fee low, because this is a direct recording from a course I ran in Jan 23, with REAL mothers and babies!!!  Hence, there is background noise, as you might expect from a room full of babies!  However, you can hear and see me fine and all this great information is still there!

Part 2: Becoming Your Own Family Doctor!

Having been a mother myself for last 16 years and starting my homeopathy training when my first child was 6 months old! I know first hand how enormously helpful it is to know how to prescribe Homeopathic remedies for your own children.

The Role of Parents as Homeopathic Prescribers!

Incredibly, we can do SO much to support our children's health and wellbeing ourselves, using natural medicines, and it pays dividends!  I am not talking about taking them to a professional Homeopath for regular constitutional treatment (which certainly has its place in treating chronic and emotional symptoms) but I am talking about parents learning about Homeopathy, how it works, getting to know basic remedies and starting to treat day-to-day, acute and minor ailments themselves at home!   As I said, this has a huge paybacks that last a lifetime...

So if you would like to take your Homeopathy knowledge and training to another level, and become Your Own Family's Doctor, then part 2 is for you!

The Power of Homeopathy

I believe this knowledge has the potential to change how we parent and care for our children. Introducing this at the very beginning of the mothering journey, I believe, will change the course of our children's health and wellbeing! 

I bought my children up this way (now 13 and 17 years old) on homeopathy and natural remedies only. 

A Gift to Mothers

If every mother knew how to use Homeopathy, it is my belief our children would be healthier, and mothers more at peace. Remembering that we can trust ourselves to care for our children’s health ourselves, and trust our (almost forgotten) intuition as a guide is a comforting thought and an accessible reality!  By reconnecting to natural healing, it connects us back to nature, and reminds us of the medicine, and nourishment (physical and spiritual) our natural world holds us. This, in my mind, would complete a circle that has been long broken.


"I first discovered Homeopathy in pregnancy. It has been my support for my family ever since. These courses are so worth investing in for you and your family."

(Mother, 2023)

'You can see that Zoe really loves what she does as she absolutely lights up the room with her infectious passion for homeopathy. Her workshops are filled with a combination of important information, practical application methods, resources, as well as generosity and openness around sharing personal her experiences and genuine interest in seeing to it that your family is empowered to make an educated decision around your choice of health care. I would wholeheartedly recommend Zoe in her capacity as a homeopath, author & speaker'

- K.Williams, Sacred Mama

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