Pregnancy & Childbirth Support Programme

Pregnancy is a wonderous and potent time in a woman’s life - not only are you growing a small human being, but this time also has huge potential for your own growth and healing, both spiritually and emotionally (which your baby will benefit from too).

Natural Birthing

I have been lucky enough to have had two natural homebirths, for which I am deeply grateful.  The birth of my second was an unintended but very welcomed 'free birth' (just my partner and I were present) which was one of the most powerful and uplifting experiences of my life.  I felt empowered in a way I didn't know was possible and it helped me understand what a natural birth can offer a woman, how it can equip her with the most powerful and solid foundation to begin on one of the most important journeys of her life - motherhood!

Homeopathy for Pregnancy

Hospital Labours

For a while, I thought my experience was normal, but on meeting other new mothers I realised many birth experiences didn’t end like this at all.  I saw how the medicalisation of childbirth didn’t support women to have the births they dream of, and how crushing this was both physically and psychologically too. 

It seems decisions during a hospital labour are driven by many factors - time, level of risk, litigation - with consideration for the psychological wellbeing of the mother being a sorry last.  decisions around interventions can feel like taking a sledgehammer approach, within the delicate process that is birth.  This has huge impact on the journey of the birth, as well as the wellbeing of both mother and baby, bonding, breastfeeding reaching far into postpartum.  

Natural Support

This awareness created a strong desire to help more pregnant women make good and informed choices about how they want their childbirth experience to be, alongside supporting them physically and emotionally with their pregnancy.  Doulas do a wonderful job. This is not to replace but complement such a role - as birth partner and advocate.  Women need women, and no more than during this precious and sacred time.

Summary - Homeopathic Support Programme:

  • Monthly Constitutional Homeopathy Sessions throughout your pregnancy;
  • Support for your pregnant body, using natural remedies and Homeopathy;
  • The Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme
  • Homeopathy Birth Preparation session (for mother and birthing partner)
  • Homeopathy Childbirth Kit
  • Birth Gift - Booklet: "Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children"
  • Postpartum Care


The Programme:

We will meet weekly or bi-weekly throughout this programme, as is needed. The weekly hour sessions will rotate in focus between: Homeopathy; the Tissue Salt Programme; Wellbeing support; and towards the end of the pregnancy - Birth preparation; and finally Postpartum Care.

Monthly Homeopathy - will help balance you emotionally and support any physical ailments that need attention during the pregnancy. We will work on deeper aspects of healing, as comes up, and you desire.

Natural Remedies - I work with natural remedies, herbs, tissue salts, nutrition, supplements, flower essences, alongside homeopathy, which I call on is needed to support.

Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme - is an invaluable source of nourishment during pregnancy. The tissue salts could be thought of as 'homeopathic mineral supplements'. They are taken daily and drip-feed the body essential minerals, vital at a time when the body is giving out so much. The different salts can help support - suppleness to avoid stretch marks; iron levels; water balance; aid cramping and much more….

Each month of pregnancy the tissue salt combination changed to accommodate the needs of your body and growing baby. They reduce the chance of depletion with the demands of postpartum - when your body will be breastfeeding, functioning on much less sleep and adjusting to your new role as a mother! 

We will dedicate a full session to the tissue salts, tailoring the programme to you, and helping you understand what each salt can offer the body, so you can prescribe for yourself and your baby going forward.  You will receive an information sheet on the tissue salts, and functions of each one, for your reference.

Wellbeing Support Sessions - Our sessions will include weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the level of support required) mentoring and support sessions - these will include anything that comes up to be discussed, aired and healed during our time together.  I am a natural empath, intuitive and healer, and I use these skills to navigate all my healing sessions.  Each session will be 1 hour.

Birth Preparation - this session will introduce how homeopathy can support labour.  We will go through each remedy in the Homeopathic Childbirth Kit and I will help you determine which ones will be most suited to you and how to prescribe them.  This is a lovely job for your birth/partner to take on, as your mind will be engaged elsewhere!  Your Homeopathic Childbirth Kit will be posted to you in time for this session (as loan of the kit for your birth is part of this package). If you have chosen a birthing keeper or doula to accompany your labour journey, they are also welcome to join this session - if you would like. Lastly, I will give  you instructions on your homeopathic postpartum care schedule. This is important, so you can get started immediately after your birthing has completed, as the sooner you start the, the quicker postpartum recovery will be.

Postpartum Care - this will be our last session together, as part of this programme.  It will give us the chance to debrief after the birth, meet the newest member of  your family, check in about your postpartum care routine and talk about care for your family going forward. 

My Birth Gift - to you is a copy of my booklet “Homeopathy & Natural Remedies for Children”. I compiled this from the information and experience I gathered through caring for my own two children's health, using Homeopathic and natural remedies.  You can do so much for your children’s by treating their coughs, colds, fevers etc naturally.  I am always keen to introduce this as an option for new parents who have this desire.


Pricing - for 3 months of support:

  • Basic - £550
  • Supportive - £1100
  • Full Support - "with you all the way!" - £2100 

* This is a 3 month package that can be extended through your pregnancy, as required. You choose the package and level of support you would like - Basic, Support or Full.


Introductory call

If you are interested in this programme, and would like more information or just to talk it over, we can arrange a free 15 min introductory call, so you can get a sense of me, my work and whether we might be a good match. You can schedule this call through my online calendar or with me directly. .


Looking forward to working with you.

Best wishes,


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