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There are many wonderful Homeopathy Colleges in the UK, if you want to take your knowledge to a professional level (and do the best job ever!!). Courses are both online or in-person, or a mixture.  It is good to find which college will suit you best, or perhaps, as it was for me (starting to study with a 6 month old baby), I just joined the closest course to home!

Here's a short clip about how I feel being a Homeopath (YouTube)

These are useful websites to find the best training provider:

Home (

Home - Which Homeopathy Course?

Here are some courses, that I have had connection with:

South Downs School of Homeopathy | University of Chichester

I studied here. It was wonderful practical training (in person), based in Chichester University

College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) (

I work here, managing CNM's 3 year (in person) Homeopathy Diploma, based in London, UK

River School of Homeopathy | Residential Practitioner Courses

I have lectured at this lovely college. They run in-person courses, near Oxford, UK

Southern College of Homeopathy (

I am soon to lecture at this college, in Tunbridge Wells - offering an in-person course.

Homeopathy College | CHE (

I have attended CHE's online courses. They offer a range of homeopathy courses for beginner to practitioner.

The School of Homeopathy - (

Based in a gorgeous rural setting in Stroud. Offering online, correspondence and attendance courses.

Zoe Scanlan Homeopathy Director CNM London

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