Treating Chronic Illness

What is Chronic Illness?

Chronic Illness is a series of symptoms that lasts a long time, either with a diagnosis or without, and one that the medical world does not either understand the root cause or have a cure for.  There may be treatment to manage symptoms, but no clear pathway to cure or full recovery.  Someone with a chronic illness has to adapt life and learn to live with their symptoms.  That is not easy, particularly if their symptoms are not visible.

Examples of Chronic Illnesses...

  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Crohn's disease / Colitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Mononucleosis)
  • Vertigo
  • ADHD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety
Zoe Scanlan, Family Homeopath

Toxicity & Deficiencies

Chronic illness is increasing in prevalence.  It is my understanding and belief that much chronic illness is caused by a combination of nutritional deficiency and toxicity.


Unfortunately, we live in a very toxic world, and many toxins we are born with, but accumulate through our lives, from heavy metal exposure (mercury, aluminium, copper), medications, pesticides from our foods, chemicals in our home etc.

Unless we actively detox our bodies and clean out this toxicity from our organs and cells, we can pass this onto our children, as we had pass down to us. Hence, it is easy to see patterns of illness from parent to child, and even from generation to generation.


Deficiency is rife in our culture and is created by a number of factors. Depleted and over farmed soils cannot offer our foods the nutritional goodness they once did.  In addition, we are bombarded and increasingly conditioned to consume mass produced convenience food.  This has now almost become the norm, instead of cooking at home from scratch.  These food items are not only brimming with artificial ingredients, but its nutritional quality is hugely compromised, in many cases non-existent!

We need to go full circle and start growing our food again - it's coming but in the meantime, our health suffers, and for many their lives are an incredible struggle.


Everyone can benefit from detoxing and cleansing our bodies from this unintentionally acquired toxicity. This is something I do for myself and also my family, in order to maintain our good health.  However, this is particularly important for those lives who are limited by a chronic illness (including those listed above and any others, diagnosed or not).  I belief the body has the capacity to heal given the correct parameters.  Infact it is true to say that our bodies are always working for us, to achieve optimum balance and health. They do not work against us. So, it is important that we learn to give our body the factors it requires in order that it can start to clear out what is compromising health.


The detox process is different for everyone, and what is needed to detox too.  I use a combination of constitutional Homeopathic remedies, Homeopathic detox agents, organ support, guidance over foods to eat and avoid, supplementation and lifestyle advice.

Given the right parameters, the body to spontaneously heal.

This process will need an element of focus, but you will be able to continue normal life alongside.

It should be noticed however, that this cleansing is not a quick fix - it can take time for the body to give up what is so used to holding safely onto.  Chronic symptoms very often have taken time to develop and they will take time to leave, and many of the toxic elements we will be working to remove have potentially been us our whole lives.  So, a desire to heal is the first requirement, dedication and focus the second and the improvement you begin to notice will spur you on.

Very often the improvement in health becomes so apparent, that this regime will likely become a way of life, through your joy of feeling well.

It is also something we all need to do regularly, and this will become increasingly apparent in future years. The exposure to chemicals and toxins in everyday life, is sadly not going to reducing any time soon.  We need to take full responsibility now for our own health and wellbeing, and stop looking outside ourselves for someone else to solve these health problems for us.

We all deserve to live our lives to the full. I believe it is possible and I hope to help you achieve this.

Support Programme

The 8 week Detox Programme consist of combination of Homeopathic remedies, food protocol, menu planning and supplementation.

Optional Add-on (for those local to Brighton UK) - during the intense cleanse periods - I am available to provide foods required. The level of support required will determine the cost of this service.

Weekend Detox Retreats - residential (in Brighton UK) or guidance in your own home, will be available one weekend each month in 2023.


Initial Introductory Session - £150

  • 8 week detox programme - £1200
  • Concs or payment plans are available


  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Mononucleosis)

    "Wow! I could feel the shift almost instantly - lighter, energised, great feeling. Awake early this morning and yesterday, feeling bright and light in body and mind. Can't really remember feeling like this for such a long long time...."(Client with Chronic Fatigue for last 17 years, 2023)

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    "I have woken up with energy and even been in the gym this morning I can’t tell you the last time this happened!" (Client with chronic illness for most of her life, 2022)

  • Child Mood/Behavioural Issues

    "Thank you so much Zoe. I asked K last weekend and he said he didn't know how he felt, but we had a family get together today and everyone commented on how much better he was. From my perspective he seems to be coping with situations so much better.  I am feeling positive and do think there's a definite change particularly since the merc was started.  I have had hugs from him and sorrys and lots more emotions and a sparkle back I haven't seen in such a long time ????x

Free Introductory call

If you would like to find out more about this programme, please book a free 15 min introductory call or if you would like to book your first session, you can also do so through my online calendar.

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