Teenage Support Programme

Homeopathy & Emotional Support Programme for TEENS

Teenage years can be challenging at the best of times, and no more so than now. I see many teenagers with huge levels of anxiety, depression, isolation and sadly more severe mental health difficulties. There is so much for them to navigate with the new online world, social media, sexuality, drugs, alongside the natural body changes and associated hormonal fluctuations, and now a seemingly uncertain world. Conversely, I also see teenagers as open and receptive to new ideas.

Over the years working as a homeopath, I have worked with many teenagers and often with wonderful results. I love them and they feel this. I am able to build a natural rapport with them because they sense I am on their side! Having someone trusted, other than a parent, that they can seek solace, advice and emotional support in times of challenge is invaluable. I offer this to them, alongside my skills as a homeopath and healer. I will also select well matched homeopathy and natural remedies to support them, both physically and emotionally, with whatever challenge they are facing.

This might help if your teen is feeling …

  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Nervous
  • Developed a tic or stammer
  • School phobia
  • Social difficulties
  • Feeling Isolated or lost

The Programme

The teen programme will initially include six weekly sessions. Introductory and review sessions will be with parents.


Within the session, I use a variety of tools. As a homeopath, I use traditional homeopathy, tissue salts & audio remedies and these form the basis of my work, but I may also send distant healing, make suggestions of natural remedies, flower essences, supplements, lifestyle guidance, spiritual or self development tools, such as meditations or relaxation techniques. This is all alongside the most important part of the sessions is that we talk, and I listen. Overtime, I love to help them learn to listen and trust themselves, develop emotional awareness and start to find out who they really are. I work intuitively, so each session will be different and based on what is needed at that time. It is deeply satisfying to introduce ideas and tools that I know will make a difference to the rest of their lives!


Alongside the Homeopathy aspect of the sessions, an important part of the Support Programme is the mentoring. This is where I offer my skills, knowledge and experience to support them young person.  The following are some of the benefits that they may experience:
  • Feeling Heard is so important for all of us, but particularly young people facing life challenges. In my work with young people I have found remarkable changes in behaviour and deep healing just as a result of feeling listened to, heard and validated.  Self Care Author Cheryl Richardson says ‘People start to heal, the moment they feel heard’.  By creating a safe space in which the individual can share their innermost thoughts and feelings, trust naturally develops within the relationship which in turn allows a young person to open up and discuss their most difficult challenges.
  • Feeling Supported – by offering support to a young person, I am able to work with them in an open, collaborative way to identify and develop their personal strengths and at the same time gently tackle any perceived weaknesses.  I have found that a nurturing, supportive approach can help in the development of their self-esteem and confidence, and in improve their overall perception of themselves.
  • Increase Confidence – I also see that by supporting a young person to feel understood, also increases confidence in their own ability and counters feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.
  • Self Awareness – through the exploration of personal goals, aspirations, values and strengths, I am able to support the young person on an inner journey of developing higher self-awareness which  develops greater self-trust, confidence and self-worth.
  • Emotional Awareness & Development– I support the emotional awareness and development of the person by helping them to identify and acknowledge what they are feeling, which is an important and essential step in a person understanding themselves.
  • Improved mental well-being – maintaining good mental health is an essential part of the work I undertake with everyone I support.  With a young person, I initially aim to develop an understanding of mental wellbeing which reduces stigma, shame or anxiety. This alone improves a sense of wellbeing and reduces feelings of self-isolation in anyone faced with mental health challenges (NB which is all of us at varying levels and at different times in our lives).

… but my teen wont speak!

I am also aware that some teens may be in a such a withdrawn state that they are not willing or able to speak to someone about how they are feeling or accept the help they need. In this situation, I would start the work with a parent, to begin the process of homeopathic prescribing with a view to gradually gaining connection with the teen directly. This has proved an effective strategy in the past.

Additional Support options:

  • Support for a Parent/s (one-off session or ongoing)
  • Family Support
  • Parent & Child sessions
  • Support for siblings

Introductory call

If you are interested in this programme for your teen, would like more information or to talk it over, I offer a free 15 min introductory call. This will enable you to get a sense of me, my work and whether we might be a good match. You can schedule this call through my online calendar.


6 week programme

6 x sessions for teen, including 2 x 30 mins parental sessions (intro & check in)

3 week extension

3 x sessions



"Zoe really is lovely. We had a very thorough consultation, she took so much time to talk to myself, and my daughter.  I felt that she really understood what I needed.  My daughter is really looking forward to her follow up appointment next month. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family."


UK, 2022

“Zoe helped my 14 year old step-child tremendously to overcome bouts of anxiety as well as chronic nausea. The symptoms improved fairly quickly and we noticed them to be happier, lighter and more open. They also no longer suffer from nausea. Zoe is very skilled at talking to young people and at making them feel comfortable and understood. We are so grateful for Zoe’s support and would recommend her wholeheartedly!”



Anxious Child – “I contacted Zoe because my 10-year old son was really stressed, anxious and worried during the lockdown period. He was suffering with upset stomach and nausea daily and mild panic attacks and didn’t want to go to bed on his own….really out of character for him. Since seeing Zoe his nausea and panic attacks have gone and he is much calmer and able to stay in his bed for the night most nights. Zoe has been great talking things through with him and finding out how he felt about himself and this crazy situation we were finding ourselves in and things have improved a lot for us. We continue to see Zoe and at the moment we are looking to reduce his remedies in order to see if he can now cope on his own. I would highly recommend homeopathy as a powerful solution to resolve anxiety and all the problems that arise from it.”


Sussex, 2020

Childhood fears – “My 7 year old son was suffering from high level of anxiety as a result of bullying at school. He was fearful of doing anything on his own, he was somewhat withdrawn from our family life and he regularly had nightmares. He also called himself stupid and hit himself; he felt like he was followed by a dark shadow. I spoke to Zoe who indicated homeopathy could help my son and over the course of 3 months and the help of the remedies, my little boy gradually came back to himself again. His nightmares subsided, the dark shadow slowly disappeared and he looked more at ease as time passed. To my great relief, he is as happy, boisterous and fun loving as he was before the bullying took place. He also seems to have gained confidence, as part of the process. Zoe’s kind, open and warm approach made my son feel at ease. We were hopeful that homeopathy would help, and under Zoe’s benevolent and professional guidance, we feel it certainly contributed a great deal towards his healing”

Valerie, Mother


Child Consultation – “I wanted to let you know that we’ve seen some dramatic changes in my son’s behaviour since we have started him on the remedy. He’s been happy including his sister is his awareness, physical space and play. He’s even seemed to notice that our family is made of all four of us, not just him all the time! He’s been saying he wants to ‘take good care’ of all of us, which is sweet. Another thing is that he has suddenly been sleeping through the night in his own bed by himself for the past six nights! Could it be that he no longer needs to co-sleep? Amazing!”

Mother of 2


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